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This is the tag fiction. It lacks a fancy-schmancy description, likely due to the following:

  • It’s so new.
  • It’s undeniably fancy and self-explanatory.
  • I can’t be bothered to write one.

White text on red background reading 'Flash Fiction Friday: Heat'
Isabelle is back in town, after visiting with her family over the summer. She has her secrets, as people usually do, but she’s hiding something more beneath the surface—and loyal boyfriend Leo is not it.

Tension comes to a boil at Patsy’s Tea & Coffee, but then…that’s their new normal, isn’t it?

In this post, I share a light review on The Rosie Project, the book that inspired me to create Wesley. This novel is filled with autistic humor, which may turn several allistic people off, especially if they are anti-autism. (I know, it’s sad…but those people do exist.)

I’m a huge fan of The CW’s television series “The 100”, so I decided to pick the book of the same name back up and start reading it. I’ve had it since the TV series was in its promotion period for the first season, but when I received it and began reading it, I was rather unimpressed, so I abandoned it.

Now that I wasted two days reading it, I rather regret having picked it up again. Oh, well…at least I’ve learned what not to do.

That’s Not Hay in My Hair is a cute coming-of-age story about sixth grader Jules, who has to leave her small apartment in noisy NYC for a 300-acre ranch in Texas. In the midst of adapting to farm chores, learning how to coexist with snakes and dealing with two grandparents who are constantly bickering, Jules soon finds life on the ranch isn’t so bad after all…and precisely how different a coed school is from her former all girls one.

I have mixed feelings on whether I’d recommend it, however.

In an attempt to share more of my writing, well…I do. LGBT themes. Enter if you won’t freak.

I felt inspired by/from I-don’t-even-know-what, and that turned into a poem?

I’m not really one to share pieces from stories I’m writing as I’m writing them, but for NaNoWriMo, the novel I’m writing contains some songs in it. I really liked this one, so I’m sharing it! Technically, the main character writes it about the girl he fell for, not me. :p I really need a […]