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I have friends from all over the world. I don’t blog about them as often as I used to, because I respect their privacy—but also because my friends are not in the same town as me.

This is the last monthly update you’ll probz see from me here. 🤔

Today is Forgiveness Day in the world, not to be confused with International Forgiveness Day and/or Global Forgiveness Day. It’s easy to tout around forgiveness like it’s the end-all to anything that happened—to forget what forgiveness actually is. So here is some of what it isn’t, many of the things in the list below having […]

This post is a shout-out to anyone and everyone who has ever been hurt by the church. I am participating in #ApologizefortheChurch, because I believe it needs to change. We have enough hate in the world already, and God’s people are supposed to love and not be hateful—and really, living life is a complex mess of a thing enough as it is. Puberty and high school are hard enough.

Being on both sides of the community, I know one apology—or even a hundred apologies—isn’t enough. But it’s a start.

Kicking off my new interview series, Cool People, is Georgie Luhur. She’s designed three of my themes, lives in Sydney, and works for Campaign Monitor.

She’s also undeniably obsessed with tea.

For me, allistics are oftentimes hard to be friends with. I don’t always understand what they mean right away or can tell when they’re joking—sometimes laughing when I should be awing. ?

I’ll get there eventually.