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I have friends from all over the world. I don’t blog about them as often as I used to, because I respect their privacy—but also because my friends are not in the same town as me.

I’m gonna try to just be me and do my own thing.

My ‘coming out’ post. Probz not what you’d expect from me. Am I straight or a lesbian? None of the above.

Edit: I was in denial, that’s what I was. 🤦‍♀️

2014 is over and done with…thank God.

My grandfather has cancer. It’s weird. I don’t know how to really feel about it, if anything.

While this has been heavily edited due to recent circumstances, there may have been some skipped parts. I’m also no longer as optimistic as I was when I originally wrote this, which was in January 2014. I’ve changed a lot in 23 years. I remember thinking age 30 was old, and now I just hope […]

Dear me at 16: Yeah, I’m fully aware that it isn’t all butterflies and rainbows like you’d hoped. Last month you had to deal with a traumatic situation at Mimi’s, and then you were forced to live with those people yet again. You’re still being “home schooled”, whatever that means these days, and you’re trying […]