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I’m not a major gamer, but for when I wish to geek out about gaming, this tag is there for me. ??

This is the story of the catalyst leading to the estrangement between my mom and me.

It was, for better or for worse, the point of no return. Of everything else that transpired between us all, we could have gone back.

We couldn’t after this.

There’s this game I used to play with my mom calledĀ Virtual Villagers. She wouldn’t let me play hers much, because she’d have all that progress and her way of doing things, but she’d let me make a player on it for my own. I wouldn’t complete a lot of the puzzles, however, because I wouldn’t […]

I have not been returning comments much lately, but I think it will be easier when BEDA ends – for me, at least. I have been having some trouble functioning again emotionally, physically and mentally. It is a really difficult process to explain, and it has been quite difficult for me to explain it in […]

I like to play games. Sims, racing video games, skateboarding video games, some web applications – I don’t quite fit in with “actual” “gamers” mostly because I don’t really play Mario or anything like that. I do enjoy Pacman, although I don’t remember what the official name of the game I had1 was, and DDRMAX22. I […]

Since I moved here I haven’t been up to too much. If I was still on the farm I’d be snapping and capturing pictures on my raspberry baby (my Kodak point and shoot). I love photography and art and mixing it with nature and animals more than I love math – I just don’t know […]

If you’re like me, you find interest in the lamest things whilst procrastinating. You don’t really feel like doing that, but you have to. If you get so bored procrastinating that you run out of things to do, then you might as well get to what you needed to do to begin with, right? I’ve […]

It was such an easy answer, I probably should have said yes. But I’m so exhausted these days, and I’ve noticed that when I help others I just end up wearing myself thin. Mimi asked me early this morning if I was up for helping her today, and I couldn’t even wrap my brain around […]