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The Gluten-Free & Allergen-Friendly Exposition tours year-round to bring to people in various USA cities gluten-free and allergen-friendly snacks, which delivers the chance to try items before you buy themβ€”and score some swag from your favorite companies!

Photo of my Dallas GFAF Expo 2017 blogger badge reading 'Jane Lawson'
This month, I watched 11 movies, read four books, and went to the GFAF Expo…among other things.

It’s here! This post took me a while, and I decided to try either a) featuring or b) making note of my favorites, or at least the ones I feel would really benefit peeps following nut-free diets.

The GFAF Expo is my #1 source of learning about up-and-coming nut-free companies and products. All brands featured in this post are nut-free, or at least carry nut-free options. I also emailed the companies for clarification, for both my curiosity and readers’ convenience.

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As a tribute to 6birds, and also to force myself to creatively think within certain limits, I’ve changed my link love post series to “Saturday Six”. :3