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Green living is important to me, because I’m an environmentalist.

My intention is to make it more accessible and possible, regardless of budget/ability, because these two things were what first made living a more environmentally-friendly lifestyle impossible.

You’re all invited to my hypothetical birthday party at one of my favorite-ever places. πŸ³πŸ‹
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Reusable menstrual products (RUMPs for short) have been a huge part of my life since 2014, and today I’m sharing my stash with you. It’s beautiful.
Photo of cloth pads, menstrual cups, and three small storage compartments

Results from alternative medicine = placebo effect, so you shouldn’t try them.

Except alternative medicine starts out as such until it is proven to be what is known as simply “medicine”.


To kick off my new post series, I share my thoughts on climate change.

This is probably an extremely pointless attempt to explain the reason why I am so fascinated with Avatar (the movie), but I’m attempting anyway. SPOILER ALERT! Maybe… I don’t know for sure. After reading a lot of reviews about how “Avatar sucks”, I decided to explain why I don’t think it does. However, I’m also […]