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Posts tagged internet pertain to the broad spectrum of the internet. I no longer tag blogging posts as such, due to verbosity. Internet handles more of the general social media/internet discussions.

Ah…I basically own 4 now—a number that feels so scarce, at the same time bringing tranquility.

Qs about my blogging routine, with an emphasis on the bookish side. I’m not primarily a book blogger, so this meme was interesting.

I can honestly say my blog wouldn’t be here today if it weren’t for my readers. So many times, I was tempted to give up on this thing—when I was hacked, when I lost all my files, when I had a bad day, when I was depressed, when my life sucked.

This post is for you.

Photo of my desk, featuring the various contents of it

Last month, I focused a lot on my blog and Net Neutrality and seldom else. I also met my newest cousin and gave NaNoWriMo one final try.

@JuRainford [other mentions redacted] I don't feel embarrassed. Someone I follow was part of the conversation. And again, having a public discussion means outside people are going to come in. I added to the conversation in hopes you'd understand autistics more. I won't apologize for that.

I don’t feel embarrassed. I stand by what I said. If I am to be punished for standing up like that, for not sitting on the sidelines and later thinking I could have done something, then fine. But also? Shame on Twitter. I expected better. I know they’re capable of doing better.

I have zero tolerance for this shit.

Icons of four mermaid-themed webcomics, as listed in this post

In this post, I share my top 16 favorite webcomics.

If you take issue with queer themes, you should just leave now before your eyes bleed from queerphobia.