Tag: Behind the scenes of Janepedia

Behind the scenes of Janepedia pertains to posts regarding Janepedia directly or indirectly. In a way, this tag allows me to chronicle the changes of the blog.

Janepedia is the name of my current, and only, blog. It replaced 6birds.net late July 2016.

It’s 2019, and I say this every year, but: things are really going to be different this year. I’m already moving in a different direction in the various areas of my life; this is mostly just the official PSA.

A saucy survey for a saucy year.

Last month, I went to the ER with the fear that I wouldn’t exit alive. Dramatic? Probably. But I’d never felt that pain before.

This is the last monthly update you’ll probz see from me here. 🤔

I was sick most of March, so I’m not sure how much entertainment you expect to get out of this 💁‍♀️