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Oh. 😳 I see you’ve found this tag, despite the lack of my linking to it in not-so-old posts. I keep this on the DL, ’cause it’s not like it’s anyone’s business, but the tag exists for future references—it was just easier to create right now. I link to it in older posts where I mention being straight and loving guys for humor. ‘Cause it cracks me up, OK.

Featuring white nail polish, lip tinsel, dry shampoo, and more.

Jane’s World, the first syndicated comic strip with a lesbian main character to appear in major newspaper markets, has been packaged into an anthology. 🌈 This is a review of that anthology.

Included: Cameo of my smiley mug.

A few years back, I had a link love column. I took it away ’cause I didn’t feel there was much point to it. Then I started doing more life updates. Now, a lot is happening in my life that I don’t feel is proper timing to write about yet. Like, it’d be to pretentious […]