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My mom and I are estranged. Due to the toxicity of the relationship and her narcissism, I have no interest in having a mother-daughter relationship with her.

Actually, since her husband believes children are always supposed to fear their parents, never even maintaining a good camaraderie into the kids’ adulthood, I can’t have a healthy relationship with her. My mom also neglected me when I was little, often leaving me in the hands of said husband.

Christmas is next week! I’ve been busy wrapping presents (ugh, so fun!) for busy family members, among other things.

A photo of the old barn from the old farm structure after the process to tear it down had begun.

A raw recollection of an experience of PTSD shortly after, and as, it occurs.

Reader discretion advised. Detailed descriptions of abuse.

I’m so annoyed right now. I just want to scream, break something, anything — I want to do anything. I hate how, whenever I post something on Facebook, people start assuming shit. I really freaking hate it. That is when I find myself wishing I shared my blog with people offline. However, if I did […]

I wasn’t raised to know the difference between what is good and what is bad. Most everything I know not to do is what I learned from how badly I was raised.

There’s probably always going to be things in life that cause people to feel paranoid about such being used. I don’t refer to that as paranoia. I’ll let you judge me and my paranoia yourself after you learn about why I’m so paranoid. Passwords My mom and lard always required to know my password for everything. […]

I was tagged by Robin at Our Carolina Days. I don’t normally do these, but it seemed harmless and just for fun. Also, this will be the first meme I’ve done on 6birds since I started over. Gotta get that category going somehow. 😉 Below are 5 things I’m wishing for for 2013. I’m making […]

It’s just because the whole day runs through your head. Continuously. Stopping the thoughts is rather pointless because they always come back. Always. You’re in your own jail with no way out; with no point to continue to try. If you speak your mind, you’re deemed as crazy. So it feels as though all hope […]