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Movies are…well…a great way to live vicariously through someone who has a life less suckier than your own, amiright?

I post reviews and ratings on my Letterboxd account.

In January, I test-ran Netflix again after several months of not having it, which means I got to catch up on many of my shows(!).

Also? The kitchen flooded.

I watched E.M.M.A., a short film. Spoilers and such exist, so please watch the vid before reading (if you want)! It’s 14:20 minutes.

Earlier last year, I really let my love for short films show. A major hobby of mine is watching all the short films I can, which usually ends up with me looking at my desktop clock and saying, “Wow! Is it really ??” Heh. Sooo, you’re gonna need some audio for these; […]

Courtesy of 20sb, I received the opportunity to review and administer a giveaway for the Indie film It’s Not You, It’s Me by Nathan Ives. I was actually really ecstatic when I received the email because I love Indie films and watching and reviewing movies. I’ve also missed hosting a giveaway on 6birds, so this gives me a chance […]

This should have posted last month, but it never did. 😮 Since I watched a lot this month, the little tidbits will differ greatly from what they usually are, as I’m really probably only going to say what I liked or didn’t like about them. c: […]

I’ve realized I feel more relaxed and able to think when I make time for movies at least once a week. The first two weeks of November were long and agonizing, and I wasn’t going to watch movies when I could write instead. Anyway, I really like this ‘series’ thing. In watching movies, I kind […]

Getting lost in time via watching movies has proven to be rather tranquil for me and has been a lovely way for me to lose myself for a long period of time and not have to directly worry about anything. It’s been nice. Side Effects — This is a movie Bri and I were going to […]