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The date of my birthday is kept secret every year until after the fact—’tis a bit of a long-running joke here on my blog. Older posts may contain the date, if I forgot to redact it.

I keep it a secret because people in my personal life act weird when my birthday is approaching. I also keep it on the down-low, because I dislike when people make a huge deal of it. Being the center of attention is so not my thing. On the other hand, I value some tradition in my life, being autistic and all.

A paternal cousin (not Charlise) tried to throw me a surprise birthday party, not even respecting my name preference or what other people who knew me better told her, and we had a falling out. ‘Twas a huge mess.

A black-and-white image of Kleenex on an unmade bed
I forgot how to do a lot of things in the midst of my reality. Last year was a difficult time for me, and I’ve been keeping everything in lately like I’m expected to and pretending it’s no big deal. It’s not working.

I have no words. My body aches. Cannot properly articulate my feelings, thus a poem.

I’m attempting to revert back to my birthday recaps, because remembering how I spent my birthday might be fun later on…maybe. My twenty-fifth started off a little rocky, but things eventually toned down and chilled…and ended with smiles, fortune cookies, and [hopefully] How to Train Your Dragon. ❤

Aside from kissing and hugging and all that other emotional relationship crap that guys just decide is okay at any point in time (I’ll admit I’d love to have one of those cute couple moments that make it to cameras any day), weddings are another one of those things that just seem really awkward to […]

BEDA starts tomorrow, and I am going to work really hard to complete it on 6birds. To be honest, I’m already having doubts about whether I’ll actually be able to complete the challenge – but only because of the network tower in my ZIP code (thanks, Virgin Mobile USA). It just proves that you really […]

If the majority of society seriously thinks all twenty-one-year olds only look forward to buying beer and other alcoholic beverages on their twenty-first birthday – as well as going to clubs and bars and all that other junk, then society needs to open their eyes to reality. Not all 21-year olds are like that. I […]

Ruby is the baby, the other girl is Carrie. 🙂 The cat is Todd (obviously). The cake is Red Velvet and not iced1 […]