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The old farm is located in Wills Point, Texas and consisted of 55 acres.

It belonged to Mimi, and I lived there from late 2009 until May 2012. Originally, she was going to entrust to her grandchildren acreage of the property and insist it remain in the family through 2080 so it would qualify for the Family Land Heritage Program. People and things change. ?

This is the story of the catalyst leading to the estrangement between my mom and me.

It was, for better or for worse, the point of no return. Of everything else that transpired between us all, we could have gone back.

We couldn’t after this.

Today is World Hello Day, so I’m reintroducing myself and my blog (er, officially introducing everything).

A photo of the old barn from the old farm structure after the process to tear it down had begun.

A raw recollection of an experience of PTSD shortly after, and as, it occurs.

Reader discretion advised. Detailed descriptions of abuse.

Farm moments I didn’t get the chance to really share, compiled into one post.

I visited the farm. Apparently, everyone and their mother thought I knew Amigo died…I didn’t. -.-

This post is picture-heavy. No dead horses, though—promise!

If I blogged anonymously, everything in my life would be fair game regardless of the consequences.