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Rants are posts I wrote on bad days and/or to stress something I feel passionate about. The older back you go in this archive, the more teeny-bopper angst you’ll run into. #YouveBeenWarned

Yesterday, an elderly lady was obsessed with me. And with Charlise. And with our towel agenda.

@JuRainford [other mentions redacted] I don't feel embarrassed. Someone I follow was part of the conversation. And again, having a public discussion means outside people are going to come in. I added to the conversation in hopes you'd understand autistics more. I won't apologize for that.

I don’t feel embarrassed. I stand by what I said. If I am to be punished for standing up like that, for not sitting on the sidelines and later thinking I could have done something, then fine. But also? Shame on Twitter. I expected better. I know they’re capable of doing better.

I have zero tolerance for this shit.

Fidget spinners: they’re everywhere. This is my take on the trend, though it’s not intended to make anyone feel pleased with themselves after they read it—re: it’s not a feel-good article.

For those unfamiliar with The Elf on the Shelf, it is a freakishly-cheery Christmas-themed doll and the protagonist of the 2005 children’s book of the same name; its premise: an elf sits on the shelf and delivers reports of the children’s behavior to Santa Claus each year.

This post focuses on the dangers of the Elf on the Shelf in the long-term.

Black and white photo of a girl in winter clothes (jacket and beanie) looking away from the camera. The background is white, her hair shields her face from the view (it looks blonde), and her hands are in her pockets.
This post explains my lack of autism-related posts lately, as well as why I am sitting presidential-related activism out. Self-advocating is exhausting.

This is one I’ll let the allistic/able-bodied people do for me. I’ll be drowning myself in food and cat gifs.

The use of kid leashes, or child harnesses, is controversial to say the least, especially between the autistic vs. allistic communities. Not only do I not see how it equates to child abuse, but the argument point against kid leashes using dogs on leashes as a basis for why the practice is wrong only works for the pro side—because dog leashes? They’re meant to keep dogs safe, when used non-abusively.

Unfortunately, there is no trigger warning in life, wherein you may come across person-first language and people who make autistics their charity.

I’m back on talking about my autism, with a whole new bout of determination and motivation.