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Slice of Jane is a play on my name because I like puns. I use it for monthly recaps because I’m not fond of the basicness that is “Monthly Recap: (Month) (Year)” and wanted to show more of my personality.

In January, I test-ran Netflix again after several months of not having it, which means I got to catch up on many of my shows(!).

Also? The kitchen flooded.

Photo of my desk, featuring the various contents of it

Last month, I focused a lot on my blog and Net Neutrality and seldom else. I also met my newest cousin and gave NaNoWriMo one final try.

Photo of my Dallas GFAF Expo 2017 blogger badge reading 'Jane Lawson'
This month, I watched 11 movies, read four books, and went to the GFAF Expo…among other things.

I grew really stressed this month, so so much of it feels like a waste—but I’m “getting there”, as I say.
Photo of sunflower with text in white: Slice of September 2017

July’s monthly recap focuses on food, sleep and reading.

On one hand, a lot happened; on the other, a whole lot of nothing happened.

Photo of a sunflower in bloom in a containerThis month, I was really anxious. There were some days where my chest hurt from stress. However, I did get to meet my new cousin a week after she was born!