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Subscription boxes are a great way to sample products before buying them and to discover new, or not-so-new, products applicable to one’s diet and/or interests.

I used to be addicted, and now I subscribe on and off. I do intend to become a more committed subscriber to a few boxes, because they’re great help in terms of discovering products I wouldn’t have had the chance to try otherwise.

Boxes I’ve tried:

Do feed bags and cosmetic bags go together? Yes, yes they do.

Featuring white nail polish, lip tinsel, dry shampoo, and more.

I received the “Love is Celebration” Tasting Box this month. It only contains one food item with nuts, which is pretty good considering I was getting boxes that were more nut-based than they should’ve been. I decided to get another box, though, just to try out where Love With Food is at right […]