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Subscription boxes are a great way to sample products before buying them and to discover new, or not-so-new, products applicable to one’s diet and/or interests.

I used to be addicted, and now I subscribe on and off. I do intend to become a more committed subscriber to a few boxes, because they’re great help in terms of discovering products I wouldn’t have had the chance to try otherwise.

Boxes I’ve tried:

What’s inside my January 2015 box of Send Me Gluten Free? You’ll never know unless you view the post.

Guess what’s in my December 2014 Send Me Gluten Free box!?

Unfortunately, it wasn’t a kitten.

This is another post that was supposed to be posted in December but never was. (Oops.) In November I signed up for Ipsy, mostly because I wanted a cute cosmetic bag. Lately I’ve kind of been wanting to own makeup again, even though I don’t have anywhere to go. I mostly enjoy the nail polish […]

Before 2013 ended I attempted to find subscription boxes I liked and could recommend. It’s a bit costly, really, especially if you lack a constant income, so I ended that ‘project’. Anyway, I’ll share my current three, also known as my favorite three, or favorites altogether considering I don’t really like any others I’ve tried […]