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Like movies, television greatly influences me. My mom let the TV babysit my siblings and I, all the while judging other parents for creating “latchkey kids”. I call myself such, so it’s no insult to me.

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Boredom isn’t a bad thing, it’s actually healthy. It’s just…annoying when it leads to certain epiphanies.

This is the last monthly update you’ll probz see from me here. 🤔

Results from alternative medicine = placebo effect, so you shouldn’t try them.

Except alternative medicine starts out as such until it is proven to be what is known as simply “medicine”.


New Seattle is weird, and Ravi is what now?

Spoilers ensue if you’ve not watched the episode, because I have no filter and need to fangirl out (and this blog is the only place to which I’m actually committed).

All the ways I wasted away this month. All I have to show for it’s the same stack of books.

To kick off my new post series, I share my thoughts on climate change.