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Like movies, television greatly influences me. My mom let the TV babysit my siblings and I, all the while judging other parents for creating “latchkey kids”. I call myself such, so it’s no insult to me.

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In January, I test-ran Netflix again after several months of not having it, which means I got to catch up on many of my shows(!).

Also? The kitchen flooded.

It’s me versus the world, you guys. Always has been, always will be.

(Obviously, I’m kidding.)

In the wake of Netflix’s Atypical series, the divide between the autistic and autism communities is stronger than ever.

Instead of ranting at full-speed about it, I’d like to use my time and space here to explain how an allistic (non-autistic) person can be an ally to autistic people during this time.
Black and white photo of a girl in winter clothes (jacket and beanie) looking away from the camera. The background is white, her hair shields her face from the view (it looks blonde), and her hands are in her pockets.

Since I experienced technical issues in June and fell into a personal slump in July, I fell behind on a lot of posts I meant to write, or at least publish, so August will consist of me playing catch-up. I also missed the previous two Day in the Life posts, so that sucks. I considered […]

I’m a television addict, basically. Finding Carter was cancelled after two seasons, and in this post, I explain the problems I saw with it and share what I feel could have made it better. Since I’m quite passionate about this stuff, it’s rather wordy.

Long story short: It was trope-filled, disrespectful to families who use genetic donations, and loaded with filler content.


In which I share my thoughts on…yes! cancelled TV shows. For some, the teen fangirls probz ruined them. For others, the develop was poor and/or they got ahead of themselves.