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Like movies, television greatly influences me. My mom let the TV babysit my siblings and I, all the while judging other parents for creating “latchkey kids”. I call myself such, so it’s no insult to me.

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Since I experienced technical issues in June and fell into a personal slump in July, I fell behind on a lot of posts I meant to write, or at least publish, so August will consist of me playing catch-up. I also missed the previous two Day in the Life posts, so that sucks. I considered […]

I’m a television addict, basically. Finding Carter was cancelled after two seasons, and in this post, I explain the problems I saw with it and share what I feel could have made it better. Since I’m quite passionate about this stuff, it’s rather wordy.

Long story short: It was trope-filled, disrespectful to families who use genetic donations, and loaded with filler content.


In which I share my thoughts on…yes! cancelled TV shows. For some, the teen fangirls probz ruined them. For others, the develop was poor and/or they got ahead of themselves.