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Todd (January 2010—September 14, 2016) was my domestic short-haired grey tabby. I raised him from kittenhood, and he helped me get through a difficult time in my life.

People change, because if they didn’t, we’d all still be babies suckling milk and the human species would have ceased to exist centuries years ago due to a lack of evolving into a civilized society.

This is literally a half-assed recap of my month because 1) I’m too lazy to put effort into it after attending a cousin’s wedding shower brunch earlier today, 2) this desktop is Windows XP (which was officially unsupported beginning two years ago) and 3) I had so much happening it’s too much to include.

I’m also pretty sure I bruised my hands trying to move my bookshelf. ?

Todd standing proud on a post in the backyard of the old farm
This post contains talk of a cat who had to be put down due to weakness caused by an unknown illness and the lack of weight gain. This warning is here, because death can be hard to swallow and bring up depressing memories.

Farm moments I didn’t get the chance to really share, compiled into one post.

I’m currently typing on another blank page of my life. By the time it gets to you, this page will already be filled – ruined with everything I’ve said – and no longer available for use. Maybe being here has been somewhat good for me. Although, I think that to a certain extent it has […]

SUNDAY DECEMBER 18 My fuse blew – or whatever it is called that happens to fuses. Still, the interior lights, the horn and my radio doesn’t work. I can’t listen to music TO or FROM work, so I have to make sure I’m wide awake whilst driving. It’s really annoying, and although I could listen to […]

I love photographing sunsets – especially when they are surrounded by trees! It almost creates a silhouette effect. I blogged about this garden on 6birds. I loved these flowers so much, and I worked so hard on my garden. Perhaps next spring will be better for me to create a garden. This is what we […]

Nobody’s home today! I guest posted over at A Sharing Connection, so check it out! Todd and I will be watching 😉 […]