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This is the tag WordPress. It lacks a fancy-schmancy description, likely due to the following:

  • It’s so new.
  • It’s undeniably fancy and self-explanatory.
  • I can’t be bothered to write one.

I’m not one to share my goals—this is different. (I think.) I’m already in the progress of accomplishing these things.

A screenshot of my custom WP login screen; it matches my theme.
This is a tutorial post walking you through how to customise your WordPress login page any way you want. You need to have FTP or cPanel access; if you don’t know what those are, you probably lack access and cannot customise your WordPress as you wish (like I have done with my login page).

Basically, I got hacked again, and I lost all my recent posts – including the Goodbye, Seek Liza one. It’s really frustrating, but blah. Oh well. I’m moving the posts and attachments to one WordPress for convenience so I can at least somewhat start over on 6birds. It’ll be like starting fresh, but I’ll still […]

When it comes to my website content, I’m a hoarder. I seriously won’t delete anything. I’m just too worried I may need to use it later. I mean, what if I get inspired to create something out of it? Ugh, I guess I need a flash drive for all of my website junk so I […]

I think I want to start vlogging. It seems like a fun and new type of blogging. A few fellow bloggers did a dialect video – it was floating around a few weeks ago, but now I cannot remember who was doing it 🙁 – and when I can find at least one person’s blog […]

It was brought to my attention by Isi that the image for IOTM was too difficult. I’m changing that now, so by the time this post is published, the image will be changed. 🙁 Next time I’ll pay attention to the picture once I put it up, because I didn’t that time. Carrie’s Fall Party […]