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Posts tagged work catalogue the time I worked at Walmart, from November 2011 until April 2012.

Due to my health, I had to quitโ€”I was too stressed mentally to not harm myself and therefore could not deal with the mansplaining manager who oversaw all front-end cashiers. I also had repeated instances of ovarian cysts and was struggling to prevent them from bursting. I couldn’t handle a manager who expected me to put my health on the back burner when I was barely keeping myself alive.

It’s 2019, and I say this every year, but: things are really going to be different this year. I’m already moving in a different direction in the various areas of my life; this is mostly just the official PSA.

An official release regarding my departure from HostClearly.

I’ve been so reluctant to actually blog about this. I keep thinking writing about it in depth more than what I have already written about it will only make people think I’m seriously a basket case. A few months ago I was told I needed to go a hospital because I was crazy – that […]

One of the things from working at Walmart that I realized is that everyone feels embarrassed about buying things, no matter what it is. You have the guys who look young (~16 to 25) and are buying diapers, tampons, pads, etc. and are acting totally awkward, then you have the guys who look young yet […]

I’ve been reading through my past entries on here. I think my birthday didn’t feel like it was really my birthday (thus not feeling “official” or anything like that). To be honest, I feel very _______ at/with myself that I have gone through all of this. I know it isn’t my fault, but even telling […]

I’m sort of unhappy with myself again. I was already unhappy with myself, but that became the new norm for me, so I just grew used to it. This is that deep, unhappy feeling. I still haven’t gotten any medication, either. I needed to have gone last week whilst still near Terrell but I was […]

The post titled “Words Hurt” was an unfinished scheduled post that I wrote a few days ago and completely forgot about. D: I won’t be writing anymore posts and “scheduling them” for a later date because I’ll just end up forgetting them. You know that dream people talk about having with them being in school […]

It was thundering earlier tonight. To be honest, I really believed it was going to rain because of how the thunder and wind sounded. I’m one of those people who are more likely to sit in front of the window and watch the rain as it falls to the ground from the clouds in the […]