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Directions: Once you’ve been tagged, you have to write a blog with 16 random things, facts, habitats or goals about you.

At the end choose 10 people to be tagged, listing their names and why you tagged them. Dont forget to leave them a comment(“you’re it”) and to read your blog. You cant tag the person who tagged you.

  1. My latest obsession is DICE. They are just so…awesome, ya know? Ahahh…yeahh. xP
  2. I am dressing up with Alice Church for twin day on November 3rd.
  3. I am in LOVE with JOE. His wardrobe is HOTT. Yeahh. xD Joe Jonas is my HUSBAND. Stay away from MY man.
  4. I am wearing my green striped PJ pants, grey Victoria’s Secret cami, 2 different Happy Bunny socks, and a purple Sonic summer T-shirt I got about hmm…in 2007 or something. 😀
  5. I love s’mores. Especially when the marshmallows are burnt.
  6. Toward the end of the school day, I was SO tired to the point that I was HYYYPERRR.<33 TALK TALK TALK TALK TALK.
  7. I am running out of ideas for this…I’m not feeling very random todayy.
  8. HFJKLSJFKDHSDFJK I just saw that I have EIGHT more lines after this to go. ughh.
  9. Haylie & Megan are 2 of my best friends. I met them at The Mix [church/] about a year ago.
  10. I love to dance as well as PEFORM [dance]. Gahh. I miss it so much. Dx
  11. I hope I passed the science TAKS test that I had to take yesterday. I really really REALLY do!
  12. I learned a lesson after 8th grade: If you like someone, tell them because you never know what could happen until you try. So now, if I like someone, I just tell them MYSELF. x’]
  13. Sometimes I wear glasses.
  14. My birthday is March 26.
  15. I use PhotoFiltre.
  16. I miss Adobe Photoshop CS3.

* I am adding #17; it is more than special *

17. I miss Carrie, Patrick and Isaac so very much. They are the only reason I stayed at my mom’s house as long as I did.


the victims

  1. Joe – because I can.
  2. John – because he’s onlineee. xP …and adorable?
  3. Haylie – because I talked about her on heree.
  4. Megan – same as Haylie’s reason.
  5. Kimily – to annoy her with my randomness.
  6. Rich – because he’s cool. :]
  7. BriAnn – because we’re cousinss.
  8. Kacy – because she’s my Florida cousinn.<3
  9. Amanda – because she’s like a panda.
  10. Danielle – because i haven’t talked to her in, like, foreverr.