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Teens & Their Literacy

I applied to get Mango Penguin reviewed. I don’t think I’m ever going to take reviews very well. This is a premade domain layout, pay attention. All I did was change the regular text alignment from centered to the right and gave it cursors. Nothing too special. It still has the credit at the top, along with the friend ID and even on the left sidebar, under my navigation menu. My ‘blogs’ don’t have a comment section, because I use my chat box for that. Personally, I don’t want this to be a blog. It would be nice, and easier to update, but no. Maybe later? We’ll see. Besides, there’s a lot you can learn from a person by looking at what they make, listen to, how they write and how much they are committed to something. I’m not going to blog about my person life (what I did yesterday, etc.) to every little detail, if I even blog about it at all, mainly because I would like to keep my website and personal life separate. If you would like to get to know me, add my MySpace or just … talk to me. However, to get to know me, all that is needed to do is look at everything I have to offer on here. It’s not that hard. (:

I don’t really know what else to say … Oh! So many people use the ‘word’ anywho, but it is really two words. Any who. See? That’s just a mini-spelling lesson for those who have yet to go back to school! I have seen it a lot. I used to think it was one word, too, until I typed it into Word. Speaking of ‘used’, it is ‘used’ with a D. ‘Use’ means to use something; it is in the present tense. It seems like the more and more teenagers text message, the more and more illiterate they become. I see teenagers using an apostrophe before anything that ends with an S these days. It’s annoying, and it makes other adults think that every teenager needs not to text. Unless my phone is acting up, I will type everything out in my text messages. So, please, teens. Give the graduates a nice reputation. Take the time to learn how to spell something if you do not know how to spell it. I mean, who came up with abbreviating words with numbers when text messaging, anyway?? I tried to learn it, and it was as if I was learning a brand new language.


🎵 Little brother playing Indiana Jones on Wii–Lego version.