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texting + driving = not a good idea

After church yesterday I was in a wreck. It was the bridge at I-20 and another street…not sure what it was called. It was that crossover next to Fellowship Church in Grapevine.

The kid hit our bumper. My dad says that when he looked up all he saw was a phone but according to Garret (the kid), he was paing attention to his radio intsead of the road.

Really? Seriously? I am pretty sure he was texting. He had that my-parents-are-so-gonna-kill-me look on his face along with the I-am-lying-will-they-notice look. Yes, Garret, we noticed.

My dad was in the driver’s seat and Kimily was in the passenger’s seat. I was in the back seat. Guess who got hurt?

After the hit, what-the-heck thoughts ran through my head. It felt as if I was choking but coughing was not coming out. The other thing was that my head hurt. Horrible.

So, let’s fast foward to the present, shall we?

I texted my dad telling him that my head still hurts and so now he is going to set up a doctor’s appointment. Ew. Tests=Gross.

Why did he have to be texting? I mean, dude, STOP LIGHT! You could have waited 10 seconds to do whatever it was that you had to do!

Everyday people act as if texting while driving is “no biggie” but it is. And no one actually believe it until they are involved.