The ‘hive

Lately I have been spending my time being creative and figuring out some things1. Color has been added to my “designing” (if that’s what you wish to call what I am doing), and scribbling has become a new hobby of mine. I redesigned the beehive.

ss-beehive.jpg (534×300)

It’s way out of my comfort zone, but it was inspired by Kya’s use of many colors. 6birds will be receiving a winter makeover come December, too. I plan on doing things differently from how I have been doing them; I just have to figure out a color scheme. 😛 I did scribble 6birds with my new toy2, though…

6birds-scribble.png (319×110)

It’s transparent. Do you know how awesome it is to be able to do smooth transparencies? PhotoFiltre hasn’t been used much, though… I have been trying to figure out PSP instead. Anyway, I made the beehive’s layout today. I redid everything on today, actually. And I’m proud with how it looks.

  1. These are going to stay as unmentionables.
  2. Paint Shop Pro

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Stephanie’s gravatar

It is very awesome to be able to have smooth transparencies! I believe that most programs better than MS Paint are capable of doing it nowadays. I like your new layout, and I really like the logo that you made for 6birds. You’re getting better at design, and I can’t wait to see what you manage to do! It’s always interesting as a common spectator to see someone’s design style evolve over time.

Dear whoever is reading this, you're beautiful and someone out there is crazy about you so don't ever forget to #Smile doubledoor|…

Dear person reading this, You are beautiful, smart, and funny doubledoor|…

Jessie’s gravatar

The 6birds graphic is great! Are you going to use it as a jumping point for the new layout? 🙂

I also have PSP but I haven’t done much with it. Hm…would love to do something similar to what you did for Bemusedly. 😛 Maybe I need to search for tutorials?!

Will be sure to go check out the beehive. 😀

Liz’s gravatar

I used the brushes for the circles, actually. I drew with it a little bit, allowing it to place random circles all over, then I began clicking and pressing CTRL + Z until it placed some dots in places I favored. There aren’t any tutorials that I know of on the PSP tutorial site concerning scribbling and the filling in of bubble text. I suppose I could make a tutorial and put it up on bee.

Nope, the 6birds graphic is not a jumping point for the new layout. 😉 For the wintery theme, I’m going back to grey and starting there. 😛

Melissa’s gravatar

It is going to look awesome. I love all the colors.

Dipika’s gravatar

Oh I love the new layouts…especially the colors! BTW I tagged you in my meme post 😀