The Pros & Cons of Sharing My Blog

I’m unsure of whether my mom and/or lard still read my blogs. I don’t think my oldest (younger) brother ever actually did, even though he commented it. If he did, then it had to have been only because he overheard about it or was told about it. However, the only person I know of on my dad’s side of the family that I can actually talk to about my blogging with is Charan – and it’s rather nice. I’ve tried to get my dad to read them, and I got another aunt to read a few of them, but this failed quite miserably.

I think that bloggers have a personal choice of sharing their blog with others offline. One blogger I know blocks their parents’ IP address whilst another blogger posts to Facebook every single one of their posts. It’s a “to each their own” kind of thing. I’m not sure if I’d like to have all of my family and offline friends knowing of my blog, however, because I spill my heart into it. I write posts, sometimes risky posts, but I share my thoughts. Those who read my blog and continue to follow me on my journey have the ability to share with me a special bond that people offline may never receive the chance to share. Thus, I’m not sure if I like that. I wish that people offline would take the time to read my blogs – I wish my dad would – because I feel as though they would have a better understanding of me as Liza, not Sarah, and who I am. Maybe they would support me a little more if they knew this side of me.

With this epiphany I have realized that there are pros and cons to this, even though it’s just sharing your blog’s URL with a person who may never even visit it for the first time.

Pros (7)

Cons (9)

  • They can better understand me
  • They’ll be able to know how certain things make me feel, what my struggles are, HOW I FEEL ABOUT THINGS
  • They missed out on my life a lot; they can get to know me, who I am, and why I am the way I am
  • Learn about who I am, why I am, how I am – basically everything that would be necessary to know before they make assumptions
  • Learn what aggravates me
  • Learn how I feel about various matters, and hopefully be okay with that
  • Maybe I’d have less stress?
  • May take what I say personally, to the extreme, etc.
  • Venting, rants & confessions may be taken literally & assume I’m going to hurt myself no matter what I say
  • May think I spend every waking hour doing blog-related and website-related shit
  • They may take something I say and assume OTHER things
  • They may want to talk to me about my blogs, try to change my views and/or beliefs, etc.
  • A lot of people find blogging weird
  • May think I need to spend my time better, even though blogging is therapeutic
  • I curse in my blog now. It’s mild, but still…
  • Access to finding my Twitter

Basically, sharing my blog to offline people comes with people thinking and assuming more things about me. It’s like this never ending thing, yet I also find it to be something that could very possibly help make at least some things slightly better and/or easier.

Do you share your blog? What are some pros & cons for you?

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Kristine’s gravatar

I would much rather keep my blog unknown to those I know offline because of the cons you’ve listed and because I like having the sense of privacy. It’s better for people I know offline to not know what exactly I think. There are only a small amount of people that know about my blog offline – at most would be 5 or 6 people, including my boyfriend. One of my cousins know about my blog because he knows I like to web-design and I trust him. The other 3 or 4 people know about it because they either blog themselves or because they may have caught me blogging during class and decided to snoop around my blog.

Stephanie’s gravatar

I think that if they read your blog, then perhaps they’d understand more, and maybe they’ll realize the gravity of your situation. Or they’ll think that you’re crazy (which might actually be good for you). Personally, my boyfriend is the only person offline who knows that I blog. I am too embarrassed to share it with anyone else, and I think that you’re very courageous for sharing your blog with your family. I hope that things all work out!

Gretch’s gravatar

I wouldn’t mind sharing my blog to some people I know offline… But not to my family/ immediate relatives though. There’s just something weird about it that I can’t pinpoint.

When I’m writing personal post, I instinctively filter things I want to say (especially if I want to rant about someone) because that person might see that post one day. I guess that’s the con for me? Even if it’s my blog, I can’t really write everything I want to (I stupidly shared my URL all over social networking sites when my site was new so now my friends know it.) I think that’s only a minor setback though. Because I rarely write very personal posts nowadays. 🙂

“They may take something I say and assume
OTHER things” – This happened to me too. I guess I’m just really bad at communicating though.

Thankfully, people I know offline don’t really consider blogging as ‘weird’ or anything negative. Most of the time they think it’s cool. I think perception about blogging is just different there compared to here.

Lolo’s gravatar

I’ve never openly shared my blog to people I know in real life. If one of them comes across it, however, I wouldn’t mind at all. If they do, they do and if they don’t, they don’t~ Nobody really knows that I have it and I kind of like it. I get to meet new people instead~

Tran’s gravatar

Nay, I don’t share my blog with any offline friends or family members. I’m not particularly hiding any information from them, but I do like having a place where I can just write my thoughts without the people I see everyday reading them. It’s weird, but I prefer it that way.

Denise’s gravatar

Yes, my back, after almost two weeks, still hurts… But it’s feeling much better now 🙂 I think a few more days and the pain is gone. Finally!

I only share my blog with my sister Melissa ( because I can tell her everything. But I’m not sharing my blog with other offline people. Just because my blog is sort of my diary. I sometimes need to let it all out, because it makes me feel better. Don’t want the rest of my family read that o.o…

Susanne/Sinead’s gravatar

I do, because I don’t see any reason not to do it. Plus one of the reasons for blogging is to share my life with family and friends far away, as well as make new friends and connect with other bloggers. But, most people offline don’t read it because they aren’t interested in blogs or blogging. The only ones who I know read my blog are my sister and another nurse at work. There may be more but they never leave comments so I wouldn’t know anyway.
One of the cons is definitely that some people think blogging is weird. But they share things on Facebook themselves so really, they have no reason to say anything about blogging… I use my blog instead of Facebook.

Robin’s gravatar

It’s definitely a tricky decision. As you know, I’ve had some issues stem from certain relatives and past co-workers reading mine.

“May think I spend every waking hour doing blog-related and website-related shit.” <– This con baffles me the most. I'll never understand why people see a website/blog with maybe five posts per week, and assume that whoever owns the website has no life. Yet they go to Facebook, where you can easily see that someone has made several posts and updates throughout an entire day (there are enough dramatic rants and stupid inspirational quote pictures in my feed to demonstrate this), and they don’t seem to think people are using Facebook too much.

Liza’s gravatar


Ooh, ooh, ooh! You forgot the applications! Tons of posts from applications — the the games & other things!

Hiro’s gravatar

I have multiple bogs to filter people out. AisuCafe has practically nothing about me, is for people looking for updates on my health, and my now neglected livejournal was where I blogged to express myself (now more or less moved to my private twitter), and was not shared with “irl” people.

Chynna’s gravatar

Whilst I’d love for people to understand why I am the way I am, I refuse to share my blog with my family and offline friends. I mean it’s a different story if they stumble across it by accident, then I suppose I wouldn’t really mind – just as long as they don’t try and talk to me about it in real life. It’d be so cringe.

I mean there was this one time one guy I went on this trip with found my blog and then exposed it in front of the whole class and my teacher was reading some of my posts out loud. That was pretty f**king humiliating and fuelled more reason into why I would never publicly share my blog. I mean, people know I blog they just don’t know what my URL is and stuff.

If I wanted to share stuff publicly and it’d just out it on Twitter, tbh.

As much as I’d love to say that it was me who made the video, sadly it wasn’t. My cousin’s friend owns a video editing company so it kindly rustled up that video 😀

Catherine’s gravatar

I’ve never really shared my blog, the only difference between now and before is that I don’t really ‘hide’ by blog any more. My parents and brothers know all about it, but they don’t read it, although are happy for me as my beauty blog more than my personal one has brought me a few opportunities. And also a friend knows about my blog too. I imagine come July this year, when school ends, I’ll maybe share it with a few more people, and although I won’t be one to post it on FB and tell the world, I still won’t ‘hide’ it. I think my change of mind came as I got older and this whole website thaang became a bigger part of my life.

Like you said, it’s an ‘each to their own thing’, I know many people choose not to share it. As for you pros and cons, I can agree with a lot of it. The only thing about sharing your blog as you said is that some people don’t ‘get’ it, and also you need to be more careful what you say, and people may take some things to heart. But then it’s also good, as it’s one of the easiest ways to share what’s on your mind. 🙂

Goldenlane | Sanne’s gravatar

I keep my blog a secret for almost all my offline friends, thank you btw for you’re lovely comment.


Nancy’s gravatar

I panicked when I first learned friends and family members starting finding out my blog. I switched my blogging style and started not blogging about as much personal stuff as before. Now? The CEO of the company I work at along with tons of co-workers, friends and family members read. It’s a bit unnearving, but definitely keeps me in check… I will never ever blog about anything negative happening at work lol

Maroon Caludin’s gravatar

I always crab at family members and such if they go to my sites. I dunno sometimes it feels weird with them visiting. I know some people I know offline from work had found it. Sometimes it makes me want to be careful what I write. On the other hand its my space for writing, so I try not to, I just try to write what I feel like.

Anna’s gravatar

Well, I can say I understand how you feel. I wish my dad would read my blog, but at the same time, I’m glad he won’t. I have a co-worker that reads my blog, which is a little weird. She found me on Twitter, then found my site though there, Well, like you said, it’s a choice they have to make on their own, you know?
Don’t worry, if “real” people can’t be there for you, all of us can!
Sorry if my comment doesn’t make much sense~

Ashley’s gravatar

Honestly, it is something each blogger decides for themselves. I think a lot of people know about my blog and honestly, I do not mind. It’s just my place to write. I am just careful with what I write about and if I write anything I don’t want some people to see, I just password protect it. It just depends on what you’re posting and your comfort zone.

Manda’s gravatar

My offline friends and my family know I have a blog and what I’ve found is that maybe two out of all of those people even care I have a blog, let alone read it. It’s really not as big a deal as it seems.

Christina’s gravatar

I didn’t know that my best friend read my blog but I made a post about her and she sent a text to me thanking her for it and that it meant a lot to her. It was nice to know she reads it. My parents know of my blog and my website stuff but they don’t read it… they could if they wanted to though! Lol.

Kathy’s gravatar

My blog was an isolated work offline back then. I thought everything will be fine once I share it to people I know online but it seems like the people who surround me everyday is what’s more important, you know? Their understanding about what I feel and think about things is the way to let them know what I am as a person. They just don’t understand me or care to know me. All they care about is just how I act and speak and just that. They don’t care how I think and feel. And that just makes me an isolated piece in their group.
So now, I share it with my buddies offline. Unlike before, I feel confident enough to express myself in my own way. Still, I may be isolated, but with my friends, I am not just a doll that they could throw away if they don’t find sense of me anymore.
Eventhough it depresses me then, I still got to meet new friends who UNDERSTAND ME MORE than people offline.

Becca’s gravatar

I feel like there are always more people offline who know about and read my blog than I think. The downside is I freak out for a little bit everytime I find out but the upside is I usually forget about it after a day or two 🙂

Publish away! People will take things the wrong way but if you get to say what you want to say then it’s worthwhile to take the chance and put it out there.

Paulina’s gravatar

I know how you feel with your blog. I get that there are pros and cons, but once I started reading some of your past posts and after reading about your struggles. I think it is great that you are trying to share your blog with your family to have them understand you better. I struggle with some of the same things. I wish I was lucky like you and just had a few people in my family read my blog. I talk about it all the time and I check all the time to see if they have read any of it and they don’t and I wish they would so they could get me more.

rh0ze’s gravatar

sharing my personal blog site is ok to me and that’s not a big issue to me because this is my way to express my feelings and write all the pain and problems i had. my blog is open to everyone specially to my family, my parents and to my husband.

sharing and telling to our relatives, friend and everyone about in our blog is our choice.

Krystal’s gravatar

I started blogging back in secondary school about 10 years ago! I did start when I was about 12. At that time, internet and blogging was very new (okay…maybe not the internet) but blogging wasn’t common. I never told any of my real life friends, I felt blogging was something private and I didn’t want them to think of me as weird. I did tell my best friend who also joined me in the blogging scene.

Nowadays, everyone has a blog. Blogging is super common and it isn’t weird anymore. I guess I’ve stuck to my original habit of keeping my blog to myself and my online friends. Though some offline friends do know I blog, but I don’t think of any of remember the URL. I don’t post on Facebook or anything…I was thinking that I should soon so my offline friends can keep up with my life. I don’t blog about thing particularly too private so it isn’t a big problem that my offline friends reads it.

Life is super busy for everyone now, we hardly have time to meet up or talk to each other really. Blogging is a great way to keep up to date with everyone…as well as checking out people’s Facebook profiles 😉

Cat’s gravatar

That’s a good list of pros and cons. I hadn’t thought of breaking it down like that. For me, I prefer if offline people don’t find my blog, but mainly because I feel awkward about it. I also agree with your points about if they took it too personally or assume other things. I know that my blog isn’t hard to find if someone actually tries, so I just make sure I don’t post anything that could cause trouble if they do find it.

tiff’s gravatar

Honestly, I think the pros outweigh the cons by a long shot. At leat for me, But. But. But…if you’re the kind of blogger who likes to be really personal and deep in their entire, I think it’d be better to keep it privy. Some topics might be too personal, TMI or awkward.

tiff’s gravatar

@tiff, entry* (i can’t spell!)