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The weird side of YouTube maybe?

I finally completed Dehlu to the most that I could be satisfied with. I figured waiting until August to take it off maintenance mode was pretty much a pointless thing, so it’s open and the public can view it. I even posted my lovely enchiladas. Not every project (domain, etc.) is listed, but I couldn’t figure out what to write about for them all. I have had Dehlu for a year (as of this month), and I have hardly used it… I didn’t know what to use it for, but I found a purpose, finally.

But… My enchiladas, okay. Face it: they’re great, wonderful, delicious, tasty, etc. Papa said they taste better than the restaurant’s. Yes, yes they do. If I get the chance to make Taco Puffs, then I’ll post a picture and that recipe on Dehlu as well… ;]

Honestly, I don’t really ever get tired of my enchiladas. I really like them, they’re easy to make, and I like Mexican food.

Anyway, do you ever find yourself ending up in random places online? I accidentally went to Photobucket and found a pretty picture of Shasta Daisies by clicking the Flowers category, watched all 5 parts of an eight year old anorexic linked to on the sidebar from a mother who tried to literally give back a boy she’d adopted, which I found from a video about a real life Sleeping Beauty (which was linked to on the sidebar on a video about twins separated at birth being married to each other), and I don’t know how I somehow stumbled across Jennette McCurdy singing a Rascal Flatts song but I think it was via her non-celebrity slash almost seriously lookalike person – whose video showed up on the sidebar next to a random Zumba video – and I’m quite certain you wouldn’t believe where I started. Isn’t crazy where YouTube takes you? -.-

P.S. I didn’t/won’t/am not/will not/etc. include the weird part of YouTube links to the videos I watched. You can get there on your own by just clicking and watching random videos. The comments help. I still don’t understand how any of those videos can relate to one another…

P.S. #2 Here’s an adorable boy, oh, my gosh.

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Sometimes I spent hours on YouTube! Just clicking from one video to another and you stumble upon the strangest things.

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I love YouTube — it’s impossible to know exactly what you’ll discover. I use it for 10 minute pilates exercise videos AND home cooking videos.

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I’m trying to check out your new website but urgh my internet isn’t loading! It looks like a collective at the moment.

I do that all the time. They should call it like train of Youtube because it’s so much like train of thought. I can be watching an MV one moment and next thing I’m watching a clip of a cute boy doing something cute! But that was back when my internet allowed me the priveledge to look at Youtube.

Planes are actually okay. They’re not scary because they are controlled better than cars are!

My hang out went pretty badly because I was passing out at the end and my friend had to escort me home … like help me walk. At least he didn’t have to carry me that would’ve been awwwwkward.

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Dehlu looks great! I keep on forgetting how many web projects you have…

The internet is a strange, strange place. There are sites I’ve heard of that I think are scary. I’ll not mention them any more because I think that those sites are better left to rot.

I would not be surprised if there were people at Google working on finding the optimal videos to place in the “Related videos” column on the page. Before, they were definitely going for “most similar” videos, which meant that a lot of identical videos showed up on the page. I guess that they’ve done something right recently!

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Yeah, I’ve minimized them a lot, especially since I don’t know what this cyst will require from me; I spent today being in pain. 🙁

ALL I did was get up in the middle of the night and stretch because my muscles felt so tight; I didn’t think I’d be paying for it later. /: Sure enough I awoke from the alarming feeling of pain.

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Your enchilada’s look delicious 😀

Hahahaha oh my gosh, I can’t even count how many times I’ve done that on youtube! Oddly, though, I always end up watching animal videos… like an hour later, I’ll be sitting there watching a video of a dancing turtle and just thinking to myself “How…” And it’s always too addicting to stop! You’ve just gotta keep going and watching more random videos 😛

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Oh I know. You Tube sure is weird. But I’m glad it exists. Where would I otherwise find recordings of all those pretty oldtimey tunes to listen to (for free) and learn to play?

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