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Thinking Thursday: The Driveway

  1. How long is the driveway?
  2. What do you see on your way toward the end of the driveway?
  3. What is at the end of the driveway?

Next week will be a picture of what is at the end of the driveway. 🙂

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Let’s see… the driveway is about half a mile long and I see green epicness all around it. There is a big, white Texas house at the end.

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Hmmm.. the driveway is about 20 kilometers long and there’s an old house with a big yard at the end of it. I’m curious on what will be the right answer O.O

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UHhh i haven no clue how long the driveway is because I suck at guessing lengths! 😛 I see pretty trees with a beautiful beach behind all the trees. 🙂

I love pretty little liars!!!! I’m so sad that the season is over and we have to wait… 🙁
Haha, sometimes I hate when people spoil things but other times I’m so desperate I just have to know!

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:O! Thinking Thursday! That is interesting ^^! For some reason.. “2.25 miles” popped up in my mind. 😛 I hope I`m somewhere close :O! I think what I would see at the end of the driveway.. Is an exit or an entrance to either an estate or to the open world (roads). Imaginations are limitless –-! With that said, the driveway ends with.. A change from.. A forest to the urban living? :O

Driving takes practice 😛 A lot of them. I guess thats how everyone can drive seemingly easily these days :O!

Take care (:

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