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This is really funny.

I only kept typing in the text area of this website because I liked the way g looked in whatever font it was. I think g is my favorite letter… I’m always looking at what g looks like in said font before using the font because I never know whether I’ll have to use it.

Anyway, here’s the picture… Let’s call this “Funny Sunday”.

How in the world do you get those spelling suggestions from that one letter? 😛 Haha. There was a crooked red line under all of those g‘s, but it went away upon my right clicking. 🙂

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My favorite letter is probably a capital B. It looks pretty when it’s in cursive.

I love how Schwarzenegger and aggrandizement came up as spelling suggestions. 🙂

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“B” does look nice capitalized and in cursive, haha. I’ve never really been able to write it well, though.

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