Three weeks after

Since I last blogged, my great grandmother was alive. Yesterday, it was three weeks since her passing. My mom said it was almost as if she had chosen that time – my Mimi was on her way home from school (she teaches), and I was on my way to Sonic to pick up lunch for me, my mom and my aunt, Bebe. It was like she didn’t want the two of us to watch her go. But the truth is, I had been watching her die. Changing her and things … She was slowly dying. This woman I had known my entire life who had battled cancer, stroke after stroke, and more simply couldn’t fight Shingles and another stroke. She had been dying before my eyes the entire time, in the front living room (right outside my room), and my mom, Mimi, Bebe and I all thought she was going to get better. She was on oxygen. It reminded me of my great grandfather. It was depressing, yet soothing, that she would soon be up in Heaven with him and Jesus.

Her death made me think. It opened my eyes. Now when someone wants something done, I have this thing that kind of makes me want to do it. Mama Lois (my great grandmother) always wanted things done right away. It couldn’t be done later – it had to be done “now”.

I feel like there’s a new me now. It’s quite odd. But I’m still the old me. Which brings me to my new domain name.

In life, nothing is free; it all comes at a price. The United States of America is a free country, but what had to happen in order for us to be free? There’s cents gone. Or, when one is simply putting their two cents in, there’s cents gone. Make sense? I like it. 🙂 I wanted something simple. I still have, but is where my blog is located now. I’ve completely started anew – I did not move files from 6birds over here. I’m starting fresh<3

When I’m not so lazy (maybe today, who knows?), I’ll manually add the files of the theme I created for and put it on here. So, if you’re seeing a scrapbook theme, it means I was/am still too lazy. D: Haha. I’m on my mom’s laptop, and I can’t figure out how to zip files on here. 🙁 There’s no FTP program, either. Which means custom smilies are going to have to wait …


  1. Deanna on

    I’m sorry to hear about your great grandmother. I hope everyone is doing alright.

    Also, I have been trying to contact you because you entered 6birds to be in the October SOTF contest at I will gladly have compete but I need you email address so I can give you all of the information about the contest. Please reply as soon as you can because the contest begins on Monday October 4th.

  2. Shriya on

    Only recently, I found out that my two and a half year old cousin has five liver cancers. Her name is Angel and she has no chance of survival. It came out of the blue, and at first, the news seemed impossible. Everyone cried all the time.
    I am so sorry for your loss. There is nothing to say except for the fact that she lead a full life, and hopefully, a healthy and happy one at that.

    I like your site’s name. I really do. 🙂

    Thanks. I like learning new things and relearning old ones. I hope I continue improving. =]

    You spit? Lmao. Argh. 😛
    Sometimes when I take in something filthy, I spit too.

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