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Too much ‘To-Do’

just saw a preview for the movie The Box, and I want to see it. It comes out in November. I think it said November 16th?

Anyway, today my mom and I cleaned. She deep cleaned her bathroom, and I swept and mopped it. She folded the clothes in the living room, and I cleaned the kitchen. She helped me deep clean the kitchen, and then I dusted the fan and swept and mopped the floor. Lots of cleaning! 😐

I received an email reply to an affiliation application. This subdomain accepted me, and exactly two minutes after she sent the acceptance e-mail, she sent another one. This one was a rejection e-mail because I am “not a graphics site”. Actually, I am? Look at my visitor content. Besides that, I do not have everything up. Oh, well. It’s fine. I’ll remember that e-mail if she ever asks me to affiliate with her. >:p This includes on [redacted], too. xP

My mom said that she doesn’t want me to get a job. She said that she wouldn’t have anyone to help her with the house if I got one.

Isaac spit on me today. That’s a new one. He hasn’t done that before. I pretended like he didn’t exist, no matter what he did. Because currently, he doesn’t. I’m not his sister right now. And for those of you who are wondering what I am talking about, you can read my previous blog for the 411. Long story short: Until Isaac can treat me with respect, I will not acknowledge him. After all, what is the point in allowing your rude and grotesque brother to treat you like nothing? I’m not going to just tolerate it any longer.