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Love the new look?! I looked all over createblog for a simple, yet chic, layout to use for TP, and finally found one. I already have a winter one in mind! Anyway, a lot has changed on the site–I’ve added new stuff to the content page, some fun and games, and the MySpace is completely different than before. I’m trying to make everything more exciting and appealing to you; feel free to send me some ideas on the MySpace by clicking here. I’ve also opened a ton of requests and created a site on Xanga for you (RU). It contains brushes, Xanga layouts, and more. Miss my previous layout? Check out the credits page to get your own! Also, a lot of people have been messaging me on Caliwash asking why I have a Metro Station layout on my page. Check out their blog on their music page, and you’ll see why! I’m trying to win an autographed CD! (: Oh! Check out the Exclusive section below!

What’s up?

Hey, it’s Sarah & Foxy Roo here! Yes, Foxy Roo is not a person; she’s my adorable dog who happens to not only be “famous on MySpace,” but famous on YouTube, also. (: Any who, wanna take a peak at my summer playlist? Here are my top ten songs for this week (in no specific order!):

  1. Wake Up, AmericaMiley Cyrus
  2. Fly on the WallMiley Cyrus
  3. DignityHilary Duff
  4. FirstLindsay Lohan
  5. 7 ThingsMiley Cyrus
  6. Shake ItMetro Station
  7. Leavin’Jesse McCartney
  8. Around the WorldA*Teens
  9. Do NotJohn Reuben
  10. Never Going Back to O.K.The Afters

Favorite song overall: Superstar by Bianca Ryan; I can listen to that song anytime, no matter what my mood & it inspires me all over again.


Miley Fans: Haven’t heard her new CD? Check it out at 103.5 Kiss FM! Also check out the Miley & Mandy Show on YouTube!

Demi Lovato & Jonas Fans: I’m not quite sure of how I came across this video, but it’s funny. Demi Lovato’s making impressions of Kevin, Joe, and Nick Jonas. Click here to check it out!

P.S. Check out later playlists: Degrassi-inspired, FEARLESS, January 2012, and more