What a weekend!

I blogged yesterday. It was the first time I blogged on a weekend on Centsgone.info.

My weekend felt long, and I was ready for it to end before it even started. I caught up on my sleep today, even though I only slept until nine this morning.

A few people have asked where they could subscribe. What is a good subscription site for blogs, without having to register  with the website itself? So that subscribers can get updates via their e-mail address? I hope I’m making at least some sense. ^^

I got face wash yesterday! I can kiss my face acne goodbye! I have been using this face wash by Avon for the past month or so now, because I keep forgetting to get more. I can’t wash my face with anything other than Neutrogena, because I am allergic. I could not be a tester for hypo-allergenic products because I am allergic to those, too. ._. I can’t even wear make up, and whenever I do, it is very rare, and I know I have to suffer the consequences. >.>

I’m helping my mom get caught up with her laundry. ^^ I figured she’ll appreciate it in the long run, when it’s all caught up and she is back down to a load a day. 😛 Wouldn’t that be nice? 😛

Anyway, today’s blog is a short blog. I’m trying to post on Mondays and Fridays at least. Perhaps I’ll have more to say tomorrow. 😉

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Thanks! Ah, it’ll be a struggle getting them all done. I’ve got a good month and a half though.

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Yep. Life’d be so boring without them!

So how are you?

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I’m okay, and yourself?

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I know what kind of subscription you’re talking about, but I don’t really have any suggestions. Sorry. 🙁

Wow, that’s some pretty serious allergies. x_x I use some face wash from MD Formulations. It works really well, but it’s very pricey.

Eh, I hate laundry.

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Sounds like you actually got a lot done and certainly, getting a nice sleep will help with the coming week.

It was also nice of you to help your mom with the laundry.

I have a site for you visit sometime. It’s a wonderful place to learn about all things related to blogging and the woman who has the site…well, she been one of my best teachers and mentors. Just go to http://bloggingwithoutablog.com/. You can explore her archives and she covers almost everything:~)

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Yes, I am. My husband is black and I am Spanish and white. Thank you for your lovely comment.

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I understand what you mean, I need to find a site like that. I’m really bad when it comes to finding sites that could be extremely useful. I dunno what it is. 😛 Haha.

Congrats! Glad you got new face scrub :3
I’ve never really had bad acne, but when I do get it, I feel like it’s so so noticeable.

I need to catch up on laundry!

Beemail Me was a forum that I made for people to meet new people, but I found a better forum host, and I’m now using it on my extremely new forum, which I’m getting new members for soon, but right now it’s in the early stage. 🙂 It’s mainly a place for people to talk about anything & everything without being judged, and it’s going to be an awesome drama-free escape from real world problems, hopefully. (:

If you’d like to check the new forum out, it’s here: http://rawr.crashrave.net

& Like I said, it just got started, and I’m gathering my friends and visitors to help build it up. Just so you know, so you’re not like… “Whoa. Empty…” Hahah. (:

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Thanks! That’s sweet of you! (: I’ve had pretty good luck with forums. 🙂
I just decided to move because of the better platform, and of course, it’s difficult to bring a brand new forum to life. But I have a lot of people who are joining as soon as they can. (:

I would love for you to be a moderator! Thank you! (:

Oh, gotcha, that’s easy, I just don’t know how I’d organize everything. 😛

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Hmm, subscription? What about Google Reader? I’m sure most of the people now have Gmail. :3 They can also use Firefox or Opera to subscribe to your blog. I’m not sure about IE and GC, but I think they’d work too. :/

Ah allergic! My skin is sensitive and is allergic to dust, especially my limbs. My limbs are covered with a lot of scars due to mosquitoes bites. -_- It sucks huh.. it’s like we can’t do anything else. I don’t fancy wearing makeups though because I don’t think it’s good for our face, since it’s chemical. :/

It’s so nice of you to help your mum doing the laundry. ^-^ I don’t really help out in the family, because we have a maid. :3


Oh I see. I can understand that. I love codings, but I don’t think I’d want to learn it in school. It’s not that I look down on my teachers, but they don’t seem to know anything about the codings that I want to learn. :3

I’m glad you did get some good sleep. 😀

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:O! I had the 2×2 tractor :P! That thing takes up lots of fuel :O! Blogging on the weekend is awesome! :)! A lot of people are online during the weekends. 😛 I know that I am! :D! I would love to have a facewash. I have.. Pimples -___-. I want to get rid of them. But I always somehow have scars on my face. I have sticky fingers :(! Hope the cream works ;D!