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What a weekend!

I blogged yesterday. It was the first time I blogged on a weekend on

My weekend felt long, and I was ready for it to end before it even started. I caught up on my sleep today, even though I only slept until nine this morning.

A few people have asked where they could subscribe. What is a good subscription site for blogs, without having to register  with the website itself? So that subscribers can get updates via their e-mail address? I hope I’m making at least some sense. ^^

I got face wash yesterday! I can kiss my face acne goodbye! I have been using this face wash by Avon for the past month or so now, because I keep forgetting to get more. I can’t wash my face with anything other than Neutrogena, because I am allergic. I could not be a tester for hypo-allergenic products because I am allergic to those, too. ._. I can’t even wear make up, and whenever I do, it is very rare, and I know I have to suffer the consequences. >.>

I’m helping my mom get caught up with her laundry. ^^ I figured she’ll appreciate it in the long run, when it’s all caught up and she is back down to a load a day. 😛 Wouldn’t that be nice? 😛

Anyway, today’s blog is a short blog. I’m trying to post on Mondays and Fridays at least. Perhaps I’ll have more to say tomorrow. 😉

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Thanks! Ah, it’ll be a struggle getting them all done. I’ve got a good month and a half though.

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Yep. Life’d be so boring without them!

So how are you?

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I’m okay, and yourself?

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I know what kind of subscription you’re talking about, but I don’t really have any suggestions. Sorry. 🙁

Wow, that’s some pretty serious allergies. x_x I use some face wash from MD Formulations. It works really well, but it’s very pricey.

Eh, I hate laundry.

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Sounds like you actually got a lot done and certainly, getting a nice sleep will help with the coming week.

It was also nice of you to help your mom with the laundry.

I have a site for you visit sometime. It’s a wonderful place to learn about all things related to blogging and the woman who has the site…well, she been one of my best teachers and mentors. Just go to You can explore her archives and she covers almost everything:~)

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Yes, I am. My husband is black and I am Spanish and white. Thank you for your lovely comment.

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I understand what you mean, I need to find a site like that. I’m really bad when it comes to finding sites that could be extremely useful. I dunno what it is. 😛 Haha.

Congrats! Glad you got new face scrub :3
I’ve never really had bad acne, but when I do get it, I feel like it’s so so noticeable.

I need to catch up on laundry!

Beemail Me was a forum that I made for people to meet new people, but I found a better forum host, and I’m now using it on my extremely new forum, which I’m getting new members for soon, but right now it’s in the early stage. 🙂 It’s mainly a place for people to talk about anything & everything without being judged, and it’s going to be an awesome drama-free escape from real world problems, hopefully. (:

If you’d like to check the new forum out, it’s here:

& Like I said, it just got started, and I’m gathering my friends and visitors to help build it up. Just so you know, so you’re not like… “Whoa. Empty…” Hahah. (:

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Thanks! That’s sweet of you! (: I’ve had pretty good luck with forums. 🙂
I just decided to move because of the better platform, and of course, it’s difficult to bring a brand new forum to life. But I have a lot of people who are joining as soon as they can. (:

I would love for you to be a moderator! Thank you! (:

Oh, gotcha, that’s easy, I just don’t know how I’d organize everything. 😛

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Hmm, subscription? What about Google Reader? I’m sure most of the people now have Gmail. :3 They can also use Firefox or Opera to subscribe to your blog. I’m not sure about IE and GC, but I think they’d work too. :/

Ah allergic! My skin is sensitive and is allergic to dust, especially my limbs. My limbs are covered with a lot of scars due to mosquitoes bites. -_- It sucks huh.. it’s like we can’t do anything else. I don’t fancy wearing makeups though because I don’t think it’s good for our face, since it’s chemical. :/

It’s so nice of you to help your mum doing the laundry. ^-^ I don’t really help out in the family, because we have a maid. :3


Oh I see. I can understand that. I love codings, but I don’t think I’d want to learn it in school. It’s not that I look down on my teachers, but they don’t seem to know anything about the codings that I want to learn. :3

I’m glad you did get some good sleep. 😀

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:O! I had the 2×2 tractor :P! That thing takes up lots of fuel :O! Blogging on the weekend is awesome! :)! A lot of people are online during the weekends. 😛 I know that I am! :D! I would love to have a facewash. I have.. Pimples -___-. I want to get rid of them. But I always somehow have scars on my face. I have sticky fingers :(! Hope the cream works ;D!

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