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What’s in my clutch

I really dislike carrying purses, so I carry a clutch instead. I received mine as a gift from my grandmother, whom I call “Grandmama”, for Christmas one or two years back. At first, I used it in my ancient American Eagle purse in desperate need of replacing. However, carrying a purse is annoying; the shoulder handles are almost always slipping off, and I have more trouble sorting out what to put in it than I do figuring out where everything is.

Thus, I just starting carrying the clutch, which has a wristlet attachment on it. It’s small and compact, and it works especially well when I neither need my travel pack of tissues (either Puffs or Kleenex, thank you) nor my Albuterol inhaler.

What's in @adashofjane's clutch

  • EpiPen — Auto-injector and case; I never go places without it. Two came in the prescription, but… I lost the other one? :/
  • Pen — I prefer to use my own pen places, because cross-contamination/contact is a thing that affects me for certain allergens, and also because I simply prefer to use my own when and where I can.
  • Chap Ice lip balm — My lips get dry a lot, which makes them tempting to bite, so I need to always have some on me when I’m out, if possible. I haven’t used it much lately, because I think it might have coconut oil, as I have a mild reaction similar to the kind I have when I consume coconut. I’m going to be trying Earthtastic’s vanilla lip balm soon; if it works, it’ll earn a spot in my life! It has jojoba oil, but I shouldn’t react to it, because jojoba isn’t closely related to nuts…I think its nut-like nicknames are just associated with it the same way soap nuts and nutmeg got their names.
  • Cards — Google Wallet (for times when I actually have money in it, which rarely happens), debit/bank/check card, license, biz card with home/contact info on one side and allergist’s contact info on the other side (the backs are glued together). I also have a biz card of my old therapist with me.
  • Loose change — I’m not big on having loose change anywhere, but sometimes it’s helpful…other times, it just sits in there and only gets in there because I had cash on me and used it, then just dropped the change inside and literally forgot about it. Honestly, this loose change is surprise to me; I haven’t used cash in a while. (When I have cash on me, I want to spend it…it’s a problem.) Also, this is a lot of change to have inside my clutch. >.>
  • Memory card case of antihistamine and ibuprofen — Just in case! I used to have a small cylinder, about the size of lip balm, that held ibuprofen, but it got dusty and was thus thrown away. I’d love something smaller so I could 1) have my memory card case back and 2) not have to lose so much room to allergy-related things. Feel free to throw suggestions my way. >.>
    Correction: There is currently only antihistamine inside it, but this is also a new addition, and I forgot to add ibuprofen. #mybad
  • SunButter coupon — Since I forgot it on my latest visit and outing to Sprouts and Target with Charlise, I put it in my clutch to make sure I couldn’t forget it again. Underneath it is a Dollar Store coupon, which I threw away shortly after taking the photos… it’s plural, because I took several photos. XD
  • There is also a random paperclip and Band-Aid, the latter of which I added because I’m mega accident prone.

What do you carry?

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I have always been a fan of cross body bags because I don’t have to bother with the handles slipping off my shoulders or sliding down my arms, etc. It’s very mindless (is that the right word?) to carry a handbag with me. Though, saying that, I’ve slowly been getting into handbags, haha.

What a cute clutch! It looks small, but it really fits a lot in there. That is such a smart idea to use a memory card for medicine. I want to carry Ibuprofen or something with me, but don’t want to lug around the big bottle and haven’t found anything small enough to work. I may have to do some digging to find an old case now!

I usually carry my wallet, some headphones, lotion, chapstick, a pen, and sunglasses. And then there’s usually a bunch of random receipts or tickets, etc. I need to clean it out more often than I do…

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Haha, I try to keep this clean, because I dislike it getting all crowded. Since it’s a small space, it forces me to be quick in lines, so I don’t usually stuff receipts into my clutch; I put them in the bag(s). :3

I had that problem with the bottles; they tend to make so much noise, too, and these don’t make a ton of noise in the case. 🙂

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I admire the fact that you can keep the things you put into your clutch at a minimal. I can only use a clutch if I am going out to banquets XD. I have too much stuff every other day @___@. Meanwhile, I’m here looking for a wallet the side of your clutch.

It’s good to hear that people are using Google Wallet! I like it better than the Paypal card. Having loose change is definitely helpful at times but it makes my wallet heavier after a while. It’s pretty creative hwo you put the little pills in your memory card case. It’s pretty slim and does the job! I guess another thing would be keeping it in an empty container of chapstick, but I’m not sure how air-sealed it is.

I carry a whole bunch of things in my purse from my sunglasses case to a little notebook to keep notes :3.

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I haven’t tried the PayPal card, but I feel like it’d be a lot easier to spend my money. :s Google Wallet’s card only works if you’ve money in your account (I tried when I didn’t have any), so I have to think about it beforehand. I especially like it because it can work like my personal allowance. ^^; I also prefer to send money to others through it, because I’ve yet to run into fees. >.<

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I love these types of posts. 😀

The clutch is really cute and it would be very practical. I am actually kind of amazed that everything fits in it!

I think I mightt be living in another century. I never know that there was a Google Wallet card. That would be really handy if you had money in the account. 😀

It’s pretty cool to see currency from different countries, especially change as it’s becoming less common with cards.

I changed my bag recently and I am trying to keep things simple. I have notepads, phone, pen, sunglasses, lipgloss, keys, hair tie, a random stone that a friend gave me 15 years ago and has gone in every handbag since, mini torch and important recipes kept in a passport pouch (with no passport haha).

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I carry a clutch too – most oftentimes I don’t carry enough stuff to warrant a purse, so it just feels like carrying around an empty bag. I usually just have my wallet, my phone, and a few health items like eyedrops and chapstick. I’m surprised all your items fit in yours though, it looks so cute and compact xD

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I’m impressed at how light your clutch is! I’ve grown into the habit of not carrying too much either, but my makeup and camera add a good but of bulk. My phone is pretty big too, so I can’t use a clutch myself.

I love messenger bags and backpacks, so both of my hands are free. 😀 I was thinking of getting Google Wallet, but from what I understand, I don’t gt any cashback points from my credit cards if I don’t use them directly. One can dream though. XD

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Am I fan of cross body bags bags and like one with a main zip up compartment and a small zip up pocket on the front.

I usually carry my purse, mobile phone, a pen, Chapstick, perfume, small deodorant, painkillers, antihistamines (I have a metal allergy – most ‘cheap’ metals like nickel), some blister plasters (just in case) and a hairbrush.

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Metal allergies sometimes feel like one of the worst. I’ve been looking into a medical bracelet for allergy purposes and am starting to consider a leather one, because the prettiest ones are all silver, gold or platinum. There’s titanium, but I’m not a fan of jewelry and feel it would start to feel too heavy. >.<

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