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Stephanie’s gravatar

It’s a flutterby! Or maybe it’s a moth! I dunno… It’s pretty!

V’s gravatar

Hey there! This photo is lovely.
? Thanks for visiting my blog and for the comment.
Your website is awesome. Like the design.. Your ‘about me’ section is nice too. I don’t think there is anything wrong with blogging about your life.
Keep writing 🙂

Kelly’s gravatar

Wow, beautiful picture. Great choice!

Alice’s gravatar

It’s alien! But a pretty purple no doubt. 🙂

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Aw this is a gorgeous picture! 🙂

Thank you for your lovely comment. :3 For a few weeks or so now I haven’t really been responding to comments unless there’s something to say; I’ve just been commenting on blogs. Oh and to answer some of the questions you left; I do get a two month break but that’s for our Australia summer, which is December to February.

You ought to watch the first five series of Doctor Who! They’re magnificent. Don’t know if they’re playing all the older eps on BBC America though.

I didn’t think about blocking the numbers that keep calling. Some are private numbers so I can’t, though. 😛

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Beautiful picture :love:

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@Hannah, I can’t view your website because Google Chrome & my McAfee are telling me that your website contains malware? :/

But thank you. :3

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pretty photo! I like the design of your site, very unique 🙂
thanks for visiting my blog, i’m following you now!