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Wordless Wednesday: Clouds

Be a doll and actually say something about the photograph, would you? Like, be more creative than “That’s a really cute picture!”, or “You did really well!”, or “Wow, I love this!” -.- Also, photographs and all content on my website are my property. That doesn’t mean you have permission to use them, even if you link back to the image! I don’t appreciate that!! -.-

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The photo is really nice the way you captured the sun rays and the frame of the cloud and the tree is great but I think it would look better with a few tiny tweaks with the levels or something.

Sorry, not sure what kind of comment you want on the photo. 😛

Thanks for the offer but domain giveaway-type competitions have never really interested me. I like to have full control over my domain and a means to keep it as long as I want. I don’t really want to hop domains every year.

I agree, artificial surroundings are even worse than just keeping animals in an enclosure. As far as I know zoos try to as many natural materials as they can obtain.

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