Wordless Wednesday: I-C-U

All photos taken 12/13 March 2011

Click the photos to see larger images, the dates they were taken, and captions. However, if you’re up for it, try and guess what he’s doing/saying/thinking in all of these images. 😛

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Emily’s gravatar

Hey! The mobile version layout is awesome. I’m using my phone to surf the net now, so yea. The picture of the cats are cool. I like the second one (: the cat must be a good climber xD

Liz’s gravatar

Haha, thank you. Yes, he loves it outside! 🙂 It’s all of one cat – Todd.

Risa’s gravatar

such a cute cat!!! I love the last photo it’s the classic “please love me pose”

Liz’s gravatar

Haha, thanks! 😛 I had actually caught him in the action of him shaking his head! 😛

tiff’s gravatar

Ahhhh kittehs!!!! Such a beautiful kitteh. I seriously LOVE the second to last picture, it’s so awesome in so many different ways.

Lily’s gravatar

oh my goodness, i love cats!! soooo cute!!

Hilary’s gravatar

Great photos .. cats always escape .. and I love watching their escapades .. cheers Hilary

Liz’s gravatar

Haha, thank you! 🙂

Vicky’s gravatar

Those photos are brilliant; I love the ones of your cat, you seem to capture really good pictures of him. 😛 Every time I try to take a picture of dog she turns her head away, she hates the camera, how weird is that? o___O

I once caught a picture of her shaking her too, it came out really funny: http://i54.tinypic.com/2i03o1d.jpg XD

Liz’s gravatar

That really is funny! 😛

Valerie’s gravatar

I love the fourth one! Now that is one relaxed looking kitty! The way his little leg is just hanging down is so cute:)

Liz’s gravatar

Haha, I know, right? 😛

Georgina’s gravatar

I’m guessing he’s scared in one of those ones in the tree. The last two look like “bwahaha, come and find me!” and “oh… I lost”. xD

He’s so cute! <3 I love how they kind of tell a story in a series like this, especially from the tree to the end. Kind of like a game of hide and seek. 😀

Liz’s gravatar

It wasn’t that he was scared of the tree – I had actually sneaked up on him (sort of), and he only realized my presence when I’d accidentally freaked him out by stepping on some leaves and sticks, causing him to freak out (whoops!). I miss him a lot, though. He loves it outside, but it’s so hard to accept that.

Isi’s gravatar

Thank you soo much. 😀 On the 2nd picture the cat really creeped me out because i didn’t notice it there. xD

Liz’s gravatar

Aha, yeah. 😛 He’s hard to find in that picture! 😛

Liv’s gravatar

Ahhh these are adorable. Though I’m not much of an owning-cat (or any pet actually) person, I love photos of cats.

I love how people add thought-captions too. Reminds me of this one I saw where the cat was rolling about and the caption said “So what if I do bad things huh?”

Liz’s gravatar

Thanks. :3
Yeah, seeing people’s creative replies to what the picture subjects may be taking is quite fun, too. 🙂

Minna’s gravatar

I love the last one 🙂

Liz’s gravatar

Yeah, it’s a classic! 😛