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Wordless Wednesday: Look at Me

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aww. kittyyy! xD sigh and -sadness- I want a cat. She/he is so adorable.

It’s alright. i suppose that’s my fault. for whatever reason, you have to hover over just the right spot on the number to click it =/ hence why I added a link at the bottom of the blog for people to click. hopefully everyone will be able to get to it now.

I’ve been doing it for 5 years now. Ever since the beginning of freshman year. And I have gotten a lot better which is what I should judge by, but you’re right. A lot of people are just so gosh darn fantastic and are younger than me or haven’t been doing it as long.

“Probably because Photoshop is lost?” I read over that maybe 10 times and I still don’t understand what you mean. Sorry that I’m that slow xD

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Thanks! Todd = my baby! <3

Haha, um… Photoshop is lost somewhere, so we pretty much don’t have it? 😛 In other words, we don’t know where it is and/or when we lost it! Dx

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Are you sure there are no other alternatives to removing the cyst besides the pill and surgery? 😐
Oh, and I’m thinking about changing the comic into a digital storybook. I’ve got 10 or so pages right now.


I love the new layout. It’s so simple and sleek.

I feel like the cat is staring at me and thinking of vicious thoughts on the inside.

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Haha, it’s actually just a temp for a few days.

Yep, I’m sure. People have said that cranberry juice works to CURE it, but so far it’s just helping with the pain and other side effects from the cyst. :/

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AWWWW he/she is so cute!

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Meowww 🙂 Kitty is so cuteee!! And how are you?!?! Hopefully no more trouble with the pill… >>

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Aww such a cute cat! Love the face/nose pattern and colors 😛

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Aww adorable! I love how the leaf is out of focus.

I call it my “signature skirt” because it’s one I wear all the time. A lot of people have signature gear of some sort. Some people find it weird, not sure how it fares with you. 😛

I hope you find out if that cyst is gone and what exactly is causing these symptoms. 🙁 hugs You said it’s both the cyst and pill? Is there any chance the cyst is getting smaller? But that’s okay, don’t worry – email whenever you need. I have been reading my own comments pretty late as well, so sometimes someone tells me something and I read it a week later – ooops.

Good luck with BEDA! I blog pretty regularly so I don’t need it. 😉

I can’t remember if I told you (eh, maybe I did and that’s why you said what you said about Kind Lie) but I’ve got and that is a place where I just let it all out and blog when I want. Now that I’m saying this, I think I have told you. XD

I do develop my photos the traditional way. Opening the roll of film in a darkroom, processing the film, waiting for it to dry and agitating the tank every now and then, and then printing… tedious process haha. I love it though.

Thank you for your comments on my layout! <3

I agree, I'd rather exercise with a friend. I get motivated without a trainer… I think it's actually possible! 😛

Oh and yeah… I do tend to post at 11:59pm. I always start writing at like 11:30 and then I want to post before the day is "over" so I type as fast as I can, usually in a big rush. I still make it in the same day, though, even by a few seconds. I'm so silly. XDD

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