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So you wanna work with Jane(pedia)? Working with sponsors is one of my favorite things about blogging, because I get to help introduce people to new products and services. Most of the stuff I use and buy today is because bloggers I trust blogged about them (first or not).

Photo of my desk, featuring the various contents of it
Where the magic happens~ I keep sprinkles on my desk ’cause they inspire me. Antihistamines are there ’cause I gottta stay #stocked.

Janepedia is a lifestyle blog by Jane about a variety of topics, including her life, entertainment (books, movies, TV), food, and green living.

Of course, I’m Jane, so I’ll leave the illeism to the pros—Petrie and Stitch. I enjoy creating interesting, interactive forms of advertorial content, so I don’t accept press release offers or requests. As the sole writer of this blog, the only legit guest features are in the form of influential interviews.

Let’s work together to create something useful and exciting—something timeless. I like to take chances and get messy—but please nothing like the Cars 3 trailer.

I’ve worked with INTIMINA, POPSUGAR and Simple® Skincare, and more. I’ve been a consecutive member of the GFAF Expo’s Official Press Team since 2014.


I’m open to product reviews and sponsored campaigns. As per the FTC, I will always disclose—but regardless of the FTC, I do so because integrity as a blogger is important.

I schedule a lot of my posts for convenience. I’m nit-picky about typos and prefer consistency. Don’t hold me to unrealistic expectations, like developing a great recipe on the first try that works the same always or reviewing your product within a week.

Please contact me via email for more information or to discuss arrangements. I’m open to most sponsor collaborations, but I am not currently interested in anything related to travel, pets, and/or interior design (will be in the future).

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