Photo of four chickens pecking around outside; one is off on its own about a yard away, while the rest are together

Popular advice tells us to blog for ourselves, but—and this is because I’m more a literal thinker—the whole purpose of a “weblog” is the publicity of chronicle/thought logging. It seems the people who often blog for themselves, hobby or otherwise, are doing it more because they want someone to read it—it’s public, after all.

In this post, I differentiate between blogging for oneself and beyond oneself (because there is a difference).

This is the last monthly update you’ll probz see from me here. 🤔

I have mixed feelings about So Lucky.

While I related to Mara’s life, reading this book triggered my PTSD in a way I didn’t know possible.

People change, because if they didn’t, we’d all still be babies suckling milk and the human species would have ceased to exist centuries years ago due to a lack of evolving into a civilized society.

Yesterday, an elderly lady was obsessed with me. And with Charlise. And with our towel agenda.